Our Rennovations


Over the last four years we have lovingly restored Mangawhare.  The generousity of previous owners provided stories and pictures which enabled us to create what we believe is a glimpse of her former glory.  We hope you enjoy our brief history and can see the passion we have for the restoration.  Mangawhare was built in the 1870s and renovated in the early 1900s - most likely made with native woods including totora, rimu and matai.  The first day we visited her, we were able to see clearly what was possible.   Her journey back has been wonderful one!


During the depression, 1950s and 1970s layers of paint, laminate and carpet covered her beautiful bones.  Some walls were original scrim and many left in disrepair. The windows, sashes and doors were original, but the majority in disrepair or not functional. Two of the seven bedrooms were livable and the biliard room was home to mice and rubbish. Carpet ranging from 60s green to astro turf covered many of her gorgeous wooden floors, and pink and purple paint adorned the walls in many rooms. Our first two years were spent living eating and sleeping in the one warm room of the house - the kitchen.  This was the only room that had insulation and heating.


Enjoy the pictures of our journey - (i) historical painting of the homestead, (ii) rewiring, (iii)  replumbing, (iv) gibbing the entire house, (v) re-sashing all windows (vi) insulation of the floor and roof (vii) resurfacing all floors in the house (20 rooms), (viii) renovation of the bathrooms. We have also lovingly brought to life the historic gardens with natives and sustainable heritage plants.

    Painting following historic pictures